AQUANET – the network for the Water Sector in the Capital Region Berlin- Brandenburg was founded in August 2012

The project is financed in equal shares by the Land of Berlin and Federal Government according to the community task “Improving regional economic structures”.

In this network research institutes, small and medium sized enterprises of the watersector primary out of the region berlin-brandenburg are cooperating.

The berlin-brandenburg network has its focus on intelligent waterinfrastructure systems and merges in the urban technologies with building contact to different professional disciplines



Germany disposes about sufficient water ressources and one of the best water-supply-systems of the world. But Quality- and availability garanties for this vital liquid are not infinite.

Varied challenges through demografic change, climate change and change of generation of energy require a realignment and innovative technologies to provide sustainable solutions.

AQUANET connects companies and institutions of different areas of the whole Berlin-Brandenburg watersector. AQUANET provides the companies of the region simple access to research results, scientific institutes and universities.

This cooperative approach promotes innovative ideas and unconventional solutions.




The networkbuilding between different water competencies of the partners and the consolidation of different expertises is the main object of AQUANET.

Competencies of different fields in the water- and waste water sector are coming together.

The capturing of current issues and the development and realisation of common scientific projects are in focus.





AQUANET has more than 30 members from small to mid-sized enterprises and research institutes of Berlin-Brandenburg region. The focus of the network are intelligent waterinfrastructure systems. AQUANET integrates in urban technologies and creates connections to different proffesional disciplines.

The objectives with regional and transregional orientation are formed by the competencies of the network partners.

Global project experiences of the network partners are presented. The acquisition of international orders by AQUANET contribute to a sustainable development of the economic location Berlin-Brandenburg.




Here you can find informations about current projects and finished references. The shown projects are characterised by common procedures of several AQUANET partner. These projects are highly innovative and accompanied by scientific institutions. Thereby sustainable and visionary solutions are promoted.


Berlin AQUADAYS 2016

Im Rahmen der Berlin Water Week 2016 finden am 11. und 12. Oktober 2016 in Berlin die AQUADAYS statt. Rund um das Thema dezentrales Regen- und Abwassermanagement werden aktuelle Präsentationen von Experten vorgetragen. Melden Sie sich unter für die Veranstaltung an und reservieren Sie sich Ihren Platz für dieses Event...

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Am 09.07.2016 wird erstmalig der AQUA AWARD 2016 im Berliner Spreespeicher verliehen.

Mit dem AQUA AWARD wird ein herausragendes Engagement, eine besondere Leistung oder eine Innovation im Bereich der Wasserwirtschaft ausgezeichnet. Durch den Nachwuchspreis AQUA SCIENCE AWARD soll eine wissenschaftliche Arbeit  honoriert werden.

Anschließend wird der 1.AQUABALL stattfinden.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter: Eventbrite oder


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Spree 2011

Bei dem Projekt Spree 2011 wird eine Verbesserung der Wasserqualität der Spree durch ein spezielles Baukastensystem am Ufer angestrebt. Bei Starkregenereignissen sollen so Überlaufmengen abgefangen und später gereinigt in die Kanalisation gelangen....

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